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Whether you're listing a home, or you need a new appraiser to work with your lending company, Phillips Appraisals is here for you. We offer professional appraisal services in Fredericksburg, VA. You can trust us to appraise your property and help you understand how much your assets are worth.

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I wanted to let you know that I have received my hard copy of the appraisal. You never know what type of person that you will be working with when you select from an online source. I want you to know that I am very grateful that I selected you. You were easy to communicate with and were professional from the onset. You have supplied me with a very thorough appraisal that will be helpful in the executing of my father's estate. I really appreciate your promptness in performing the appraisal. This has been a difficult time for me but you have made it a bit easier to deal with. Thank you for all your kind assistance!

Darlene D.


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Why Should You Choose Our Appraiser?

When you're looking for an appraiser to handle your property, end your search with us. We're:

  • Experienced - our owner has been in the industry since 1989
  • Local - our experts are proud to serve the Fredericksburg community
  • Licensed - our professional appraiser has the qualifications you're looking for

Our lead appraiser won the Best of 2022 and 2023 Fredericksburg Award Program awards for best Real Estate Appraiser, and he has experience as a court-appointed appraiser. You can feel more than confident we'll appraise your property correctly. Contact us now for professional appraisal services.

Determining the Value of Your Property

Assessing the value of a property is essential for many situations. Sales, transfers and property divisions all require an understanding of the value of the property at hand. Fortunately, we perform:

We also handle appraisals for divorces to help property owners understand the value of their assets and divide them appropriately. For more information on our estate appraisal services, please reach out to us today.